Cokémon WeedGreen Version!

To celebrate my progress on this website… I’ve released a teaser video for Cokémon WeedGreen Version!

Yes, that’s correct. I’ve created a new version of Cokémon (or Cokemon) that’s an edit of LeafGreen.

All aboard the nostalgia train! This version of the game will be changed a lot more, and hopefully complete!

However, I don’t really expect Cokémon to live up to today’s ROM Hacking standards. Or will it? You’ll just need to find out.

Originally a legend… It’s future? We’ll just have to wait and see…

New Navbar

I decided it was easier to have a clearer and more organized navigation bar… at the expensive of the fact that I didn’t code it myself. However, it fits PERFECTLY and I’m glad I finally added it.

It should be easy to find what you’re looking for. There’s also the search, which has always been there… Hopefully no matter the amount of content I eventually plan on adding, I’ll be able to make it so the site can be navigated properly.

Look at me. Updating to no one. Just like the classic years back in 1998 – 2001 when I actually cared about having a website.

A couple of new articles are coming soon. One will be a page that details my “internet history” as I can remember it. The other being a list of people who also identify as “IceSage” or in some cases, “Ice Sage” on the internet. I always thought it was odd that other people used my alias… and some of these people sign up on a lot of different websites and aren’t even close to being me… So, I guess a page telling who is who would be somewhat beneficial. Maybe.

I mean, I did snag, so I guess a page dedicated to my doppelgangers wouldn’t hurt.

Welcome to the new IceSage’s Domain!


If you’ve for some odd reason been following the progress of this site over the years, you’ll notice it’s essentially been devoid of any actual content or updates. Honestly though, this site doesn’t get visitors except for search engine crawlers. However, if for some reason you decided to take a trip down memory lane and Google’d my name, welcome back!

Never updating since 1998, IceSage’s Domain has been your source for:


One of the first Pokémon ROM Hacks in the history of the internet. Content-less and only worth about 8 minutes of your time, Cokémon for some reason is still going strong and is a cult classic among aspiring ROM Hackers and fans of playing emulated content!

Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Use Items on Epona Glitch!

The internet over the years may have made it common knowledge… In fact, someone out there may have claimed the credit. I really don’t care. However, I was the original one back in the day to discover this glitch and post it on and a now defunct site, HTWOZ (Hyrule: The World of Zelda).

Thanks to me all those years ago, you discovered how to abuse the Owl Statue to let you do some crazy things while riding Epona. You’re welcome.

Deities Requiem

Deities Requiem is my current on-going project which is an animation based off an old joke comic from 2001. The characters are based off of old RPG Maker games my friend and I made back in the day. It’s the most active project and I highly recommend you give it a look over on it’s YouTube Page.

The Future

My goal is to update this site once and awhile with SOME sort of content. There will be new article sections in different categories where I’ll rant about various things on my mind about the internet. My goal is to make this site a minor web presence for my ramblings and opinions nobody cares about.