Website Restored!

I’ve kind of neglected the website due to the free hosting server I was using being more trouble than it was worth. I finally splurged on some paid hosting. I figured free hosting was perfect for a website that only a few people would see considering the website has never been the main focus of my projects (Deities Requiem, Music, Hacks, etc.). However, I’m going to try to change that.

I’m still at a loss of what to do with the blatant copyright infringement that a particular gaming company has done for one of my IPs. I’m going to muddle through one step at a time. Working with lawyers is one thing, but anything beyond some simple cease and desist notices will cost money.

More updates to come about this. I’ll also have a more itemized website up and running for some of the past projects. (The Deities Requiem games, the old comics, etc.)

I also have a “History” project I’m working on as well. A bit of a nostalgia trip down memory lane to the first incarnation of “IceSage” from it’s beginnings, to the many antics that occurred in the early days of the internet as we know it. Social media didn’t exist back then so the internet was kind of a wild community.

Wish me luck, and Happy Holidays!

Working with lawyers.

I’m currently working with some lawyers to create a solid case against Trion Worlds for stealing my intellectual property and copyrighted character concepts. If you’re just finding my website based off of a random Google search, or searching for your favorite character class in the latest video game by Trion Worlds, let me give you a little bit of backstory…

Since 1998, the alias “IceSage” has belonged to me. I’ve been known on quite a number of various websites, some of which are still up… Others of which are defunct or a minor community graveyard. For a good portion of the 16 years (from then to now of this posting) I have created numerous comics, games, and I am actively working on an animation called “Deities Requiem,” which stars… You guessed it, “IceSage.”

IceSage is an entity that is both male and female, and neither male nor female. It’s gender fluctuates and varies all the time. In female form, she weilds a Crystal staff, in male form, an Ice Sword. The name “IceSage” has been on the Urban Dictionary for a decade.

My domain name, which has hosted my website and works over the past 11 years, has been on record as being created in 2005.

There is no way a major video game company could have overlooked my character. There is no way a major video game company could create a character that has blue robes, wields a staff, has Ice powers, and in most images I’ve seen of their character, has her hair parted to 1 side.

My character “IceSage” is identical to “Ice Sage” from a game called “Trove” aside from the awkward name split.

My works have been on sites like YouTube and Newgrounds for a decade. My digital art looks a lot like their digital art of the character.

If you’re a lawyer and could assist, feel free to email me at – I’m looking for various viewpoints on copyright law.

To all the fans of the game who find this. I’m glad you’re enjoying the game, and I’m glad you enjoy and are creating art for the “Ice Sage” class in the game. It’s very creative. However, be advised that you’re actually re-creating my original work. You’re literally drawing fan art of my character. Not a character from Trove.

Have fun, but keep in mind the true source material from which Trion Worlds has stolen it from.

Some blatant copyright infringement.

So, as of recently, during my regular Google search of my alias and all around trademark for my creative works, I’ve been coming up with… Well, a video game version of IceSage. In an actual game that’s not my own. The character looks exactly like my design and has all the abilities of the original character I’ve had on the internet for at least 15 years.

But oh, they separated the “Ice” and “Sage” thus it’s totally not the same character, right? You know, like copying Elsa and naming her El Sa.

I never thought a video game company would have the balls do blatantly rip off the underdog.

So, if you somehow managed to find my webpage during your recent video game search. Congratulations. You found the source material for your favorite character / class in your game. Congratulations, how do you like her?

Revamp in progress.

I’m revamping the website to make it more of an internet image and perhaps slightly professional for the future. This domain name and website has always been somewhat of a personal website. However, I’ll be updating it soon to make it more blog like and to post about relevant things on the internet.

The old silly stuff will still be there. However, in the future it will house pages on my Support Tech business, and be a place to talk about current event issues, etc.

Most likely you’ll never see this post. This is just to fill in so the front page isn’t blank.


Thanks for your patience!