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Website Restored!

I’ve kind of neglected the website due to the free hosting server I was using being more trouble than it was worth. I finally splurged on some paid hosting. I figured free hosting was perfect for a website that only a few people would see considering the website has never been the main focus of […]

Kotaku mentions me in stoofs.

I was mentioned in some bullshit about things from nearly 18 years ago. Check it out!

Working with lawyers.

I’m currently working with some lawyers to create a solid case against Trion Worlds for stealing my intellectual property and copyrighted character concepts. If you’re just finding my website based off of a random Google search, or searching for your favorite character class in the latest video game by Trion Worlds, let me give you […]

Some blatant copyright infringement.

So, as of recently, during my regular Google search of my alias and all around trademark for my creative works, I’ve been coming up with… Well, a video game version of IceSage. In an actual game that’s not my own. The character looks exactly like my design and has all the abilities of the original […]

Revamp in progress.

I’m revamping the website to make it more of an internet image and perhaps slightly professional for the future. This domain name and website has always been somewhat of a personal website. However, I’ll be updating it soon to make it more blog like and to post about relevant things on the internet. The old […]