Cokemon Title Screen

Cokemon Title Screen


Cokémon was a ROM Hack that was created in 1998 and “finished” in the year 2000. It took a few sprites and changed them around. It changed random text in the game, but only a noticeable amount up to Pewter City, where then the changes are scarce.

People think it’s a finished game, however, it’s far from it. Cokémon was a side project I got bored with as I thought it was simply cool to change various aspects of the game. As a child creating this under the age 18, I simple was incapable of completing this during the time I was allotted by my guardians. I eventually gave up, and the “final” version of the patch rests on Zophar’s Domain. Luckily, Zophar’s Domain split ROM Hacks off into sections and it’s now currently in the section called “Minor ROM Hacks.”

However, that for some reason doesn’t stop people from playing it thinking it’s a finished and full game. It’s not.

Cokémon somehow gained a cult-classic popularity simply by the fact that people back then didn’t really do this at all. The internet was in it’s infancy and the mere concept of someone being able to change an official Nintendo game was impressive to most people.

Stop playing this horror before it's too late!

Stop playing this horror before it’s too late!


The concept of the game was to create something hilarious based on my view at the time of “druggies” and “drug culture.” At the age of 15 or so, I really was in the mindset of “drugs are bad, but hilarious.” I had obviously never done any, despite the fact that some of my peers had at that age.

For some reason I thought that making something “as adult as possible” by including swears, and having pretty much every character want to fuck everything and be on drugs, was the most hilarious thing ever. I may very well could have pulled it off too, if I even knew what I was talking about. Perhaps that’s what makes it a cult classic and a rather intriguing game.

Professor Ivy's profession.

Professor Ivy’s profession.


Most people still play the hack to this say, and I can honestly say I don’t really know why. It’s terrible, it sucks. However, some people who have reviewed it over the years made a lot of complaints about 2 of the characters.

Professor Ivy…

The main Professor’s name in this was indeed named “Professor Ivy.” Let me tell you something though… This is an original pun on the word “Oak” and I honestly had no idea that several years down the line there would actually be a professor actually called “Ivy” in the official Pokémon series. I mean, I guess they had to do it eventually; they were running out of plant names and I don’t expect we’ll get a “Prfoessor Ficus” anytime soon.

However, the poor souls who review this have no idea the age of this hack. They claim “Oh, how original!” or “Professor Ivy is a girl… Why are they putting Professor Ivy in this with an old guy who is clearly Professor Oak!?”

Gym Leader Clair

Fans of the Pokémon series might notice you play as Clair. Well, the thing is… I never noticed it. I actually never played up to Clair or even knew who she was when I added the sprite in.

Pokemon Gold was JUST coming out, and the only copy of it I had at the time was an early copy untranslated Japanese ROM. THIS just gives you an idea of how old this hack was and still is.

I was looking through the Pokémon Gold files and saw what appeared to be someone with cool looking long hair and a cape. I had no clue if it was male or female. I just thought it was badass and would look better than the cismale ugly sprite wearing a hat.

That’s pretty much it. It also reminded me of my online alias and character, “IceSage” who also is dressed in a type of robe / cape with long blue hair. It fit, so I used it.

Cokémon Gold - Rival

Cokémon Gold – Rival

Cokémon Gold

For some reason when the official Pokémon Gold came out, I made a sequel. I decided, “Sure, why not!?” I got just about the same amount of progress done… About a few towns worth… But it was worth it to me. You’ll probably have a lot more fun playing this version than you would the “Blue Version.”

There’s not much to say except it’s a slightly more interesting concept of the original.

I will point out, however, that there’s this one scene that even makes me laugh every time. This is the old man that guides you through towns. Give it a play. I’m not sure why I find it so funny.