Deities Requiem

Deities Requiem is a project I created back in late 2000. It was originally a comic panel strip that was an inside joke during my High School years. Later on, I uploaded the series to a site called “KeenSpace” now known as “Comic Genesis.”

Shortly thereafter, I started dabbling with the idea of an animation. The joke that goes with it is that it’s the “worst animation on the intertubes.” The style, however, of the animation is suppose to progress slowly but noticeably after time. Currently episode 5, “Another Stupid Beach” is in the works.

The plot of Deities Requiem is taken from the 1998 games created by both myself and friend Cat42 at the time. The combined series created the foundation of the world that exists in Deities Requiem.

The Wiki is still available for your viewing (dis)pleasure.