Some blatant copyright infringement.

So, as of recently, during my regular Google search of my alias and all around trademark for my creative works, I’ve been coming up with… Well, a video game version of IceSage. In an actual game that’s not my own. The character looks exactly like my design and has all the abilities of the original character I’ve had on the internet for at least 15 years.

But oh, they separated the “Ice” and “Sage” thus it’s totally not the same character, right? You know, like copying Elsa and naming her El Sa.

I never thought a video game company would have the balls do blatantly rip off the underdog.

So, if you somehow managed to find my webpage during your recent video game search. Congratulations. You found the source material for your favorite character / class in your game. Congratulations, how do you like her?

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